Student Counselling

Did you know 3 out of 4 students are studying in courses today for jobs that will not exist in the future?

Talk to us and we will show you how you can have a fruitful career of your choice.


   Student Mobility

Mobility of students requires a good understanding of student visa process. We work closely with reputed migration agents for Visa purposes.

We want to ensure that their service history is without contravention of the rules of the Migration agent’s code of practice or provisions of the Migration Act 1958.


   Learn by Doing

Engineer and female apprentice on milling machine

Digitisation will revolutionise the way students are taught. This will enhance their interaction with their teachers.

There will be an estimated 60 per cent of the world population with access to mobile internet connection by the year 2020.

Our educators have all the tools ready to create a launching pad for the next generation students and teaching staffs.

Our Directions…

Employees of the future want to study the latest and most relevant courses to build a successful career. STEM based education injected the much need resources in industry.

Here is what we set to do.

  • We co-create courses with the student in mind
  • Our courses align to the future needs of the industry
  • We partner with the RTO that embrace change and innovation
  • We believe students learn best by doing
  • Our industry advisers are subject matter experts

Our Relationships…

Australian STEM Courses is an organisation well positioned to create tie-ups between Australian colleges and universities in the emerging economies in Asia and the rest of the world.

Our vision is to enable students to Compete globally by responding to global skill needs and taking advantage of emerging opportunities.

Our vast experience in this area has strengthened our relationship with various colleges and universities in India and Australia. If you wish to know about engagement model then speak our Director of International Studies.

Next Steps…

Don’t be left behind…